Spirito Cocktails

A new way to enjoy a high quality cocktail. Spirito presents a line of cocktail entirely mixed and produced in Italy, using the highest quality spirits available.

Through them, the brand wants to narrate the Italian liquor culture, which stems out of land, ancient flavors, perfumes and memories.






Our mission was to discover and rediscover the Italian ancient beauties (the gusto, the culture and the pleasures that has forged intellectuals and noblemen all over Europe for centuries) by proposing a design inspired to our vision of a reneued italian salotto.

Design elements



The product innovation is the it’s packaging t hat contains the right quantity fo 1 drink. Easy to open you just need to shake, pour and taste.

Font family

We chose 4 different font types to rule the brand and products hierarchies .

Color palette

We chose 10 different colors to indentify 10 different cocktails. The palette was chosen to be strong on a black design.

Italian Grand Tour

All the products are inspired by the incredibly vast and amazing historical artistic and cultural heritage of our Peninsula. The cities, both larger capitals and old villages, the ones that make up the irreplaceable stages of that Grand Tour that has forged intellectuals and noblemen all over Europe for centuries, they all stand up today to mark the way for a brand like ours. Substance also means shape: we investigate the knowledge and know-how that let themselves be contaminated by beauty and the arts. Each cocktail is inspired to a precise Itaian town and its beauties.


A product that has a lot to tell can use a good social feed to show taste, inspirations and lifestyle

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